On-Site and On-the-Job. We operate and impact directly with the people who spend the money. We are embedded in the client’s organisation at that level, and the cost mechanisms are integrated with their existing routines. No work is done off-site, and minimal time is required off the job.

Solution Focused. ‘First we form our habits, and then our habits form us.’ No time is spent trying to change people’s mindsets and / or attitudes. In close partnership with the Client Leadership Team, a cost direction and rate is selected, and together we engineer immediate changes to the Account Holders cost routines and behaviours to achieve this. There is no Gap Analysis, Benchmarking or Best Practices. We start where they are when we get there. All context for the changes comes from the existing client strategy and values framework.

Experiential rather than pre-determined. We go at the speed that the Account Holders can cope with, and actively involve them in the detail of the ‘how’. This enhances ownership and long term sustainability.

Proactive. The Catalytic Mechanisms require the Account Holders to know where they are with their costs, but focuses mostly on getting them to look forward – where are they going to be at the end of the month? This requires them to get in control – i.e. be able to set a cost target for themselves, and reliably achieve that target. Cost Stability and Predictability are key behavioural outputs.

Outputs vs. Inputs. The approach is completely output based. Capacity is provided only as and when required to achieve the desired outputs. No additional technical input is provided by Metworx.

Minimal Risk. Most interventions are cost neutral on our fees if the client wants to reduce costs. Metworx fees are in themselves very reasonable, helping achieve cost neutrality quickly. Finally, we keep ourselves very output-focused by operating on a calendar months’ notice.


- Bernard Swanepoel [CEO Harmony Gold, CEO Village Main]

- Philip Kotze [COO Harmony Gold, CE Deloittes Mining Advisory Services, CEO Atlatsa Platinum, CEO WitsGold]

- Neal Froneman [COO Harmony Gold, COO Goldfields, CEO U1, CEO G1, CEO Sibanye Gold]

- Mark Bristow [CE Randgold Resources]

- Bill Houston [General GM Human Capital Randgold Resources]

- Izak Marais [EVP COO Gold One East Operations]

- Johann Mouton [Manager Metallurgy Harmony Gold, Consulting Metallurgist Uranium One, SVP Metallurgy Gold One]

- Dawie Mostert [Exec Organisational Development Harmony Gold, VP Human Capital Great Basin Gold, SVP Organisational Effectiveness Sibanye Gold]

- Hugo Le Roux [Plant Accountant Harmony Gold, Financial Manager Modikwa Plats]

- Karel Potgieter [Financial Mgr ConsMurch & Blyvoor, Village Main]

- Corné Lourens [Plant Manager Harmony Gold & AngloGold Ashanti, Principal Metallurgist Great Basin Gold, GM Nzema Mine Endeavour Gold]

- George Lowrie [Mine Manager Loulo Randgold Resources]