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Metworx are Behaviour Engineers.

What is Behaviour Engineering? Simply put, we all operate daily within behavioural frameworks of one sort or another: families, societies, businesses, sports teams, churches, legal, etc. All of these behavioural frameworks are a combination of principles, ethics, expectations, guidelines, policies and rules, specifically designed to guide behaviour in directions deemed beneficial for that organisation – think of your favourite sport or game as a good example.

It follows that if one wants to change behaviour within that framework, one needs to make changes to the framework. Sport governing bodies make rule changes when required to keep their sport vital or to cope with changing technology. Some [like rugby or F1] make change rules quite frequently, and others [like tennis and soccer] very rarely.

‘First we make our habits, then our habits make us.’ In close partnership with our clients, Metworx engineer changes to employees expenditure behaviour, so that you get the outputs your business requires – e.g. cost control and / or cost improvement – and get them safely and sustainably.

How does it work?

In 1956, Carnegie Mellon University’s Professor Herbert Simon suggested that, as much as we like to think otherwise, people do not automatically behave rationally or optimally. Instead, he proposed that people mostly do just enough [sufficient] to satisfy the demands of the environment that they find themselves in. He then invented the word ‘satisfice’ to describe this behaviour, combining the words ‘suffice’ and ‘satisfy.’ Subsequent research showed that he was right, and in 1975 Simon was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics.

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